Out on a Walk

The regular crunch of gravel on the sunlight dappled driveway. We were off. To the left, and partially obscured by lichen shrouded fence posts the manor’s gardener was still locked in eternal battle with the

Winter School in Senegal

I have been back in Bremen for a week now and spent most of the time sorting and editing the photos and videos I took in Senegal. It was a wonderful experience, meeting the students

Universal Basic Indifference

It appears that the political and economic establishment have no practical solution to the rise of populism. Europe’s far right in particular seems only to be being diminished by Trump’s first few months in office.

A Trumped up Truth

As protesters, detainees and those resisting Trump celebrate the temporary federal block on his travel ban, it’s hard to imagine that this victory, or the whole scandal itself, will still be the leading story at

New Year’s Resolutions

BEN The significance of new year’s resolutions is often questionable, whether it is fitness goals lost within the first few weeks of the new year, or shallow ideas of personal change. Nevertheless,  I thought it